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There’s a way of introducing the idea this stuff is not so good right so um the intuition here is primary the intuition is primary the intuition is primary thank you right don’t forget that right if you do this sort of nonsense people will be impressed by your paper maybe but they may not read and that then you failed in the virus infection process right but it’s like sort of Ebola you know it kills its patient it kills its victims before it can pass them on right you want to keep them alive now oh and the other thing is that even readers who leave you after a bit of the of the sort of inch of these these back sort of presenting the idea sections before they get to the more of the meet even they will go away with something valuable. Get to know how to make your work more valuable on Edusson.

so your goal is that every time somebody falls off the bus they fall off the bus with something useful that they’ve taken away they’re happy about having read your paper another thing to avoid is trying to recapitulate a sort of personal painful journey like research is a kind of it’s like walking through a maze in which almost all the passages are dead ends right so you sort of blend it it’s been weeks doing this and then the tendency when you write a paper is to think ah I should explain all these dead ends to my readers and so you carry them painfully through the maze I can’t tell you how annoying it is as a reviewer is you get to you get to the end of a technical section section three and you’ve been struggling to follow but you’ve been putting in the cycles you think I’m the reviewer I should understand this you get to the intersection between they say well that turned out to be a bad idea so in section 4 was your much better plan okay give me a break right I only got so many years in my life so don’t do this right if you don’t only explain blind alleys if they are blindingly obvious meaning sometimes there’s something.

That is the obvious solution that you have to explain why the obvious solution doesn’t work in order to explain why you’re more complicated setup is important right only then do you want to explain the blind alleys so be very careful you know it’s it’s your your blood in all these these blind alleys is no great interest to them alright so that’s a good of course what you’re going to do on the whiteboard is you will start with an example the very first thing you do on a whiteboard is always an example isn’t it it’s not lighting definition so do that in your paper as well I think I have an example of an example here but I think I’ll skip it but I think you’ve got the message by now so then the rest that once you’ve got that central intuition over then the rest of the paper almost writes itself.

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