Thinking For Both Sides

When we really don’t know what my next sentence this is a natural part of growing up kind of carries through with us then teenagers have always enjoyed staying out late but some cities have curfew laws preventing this this signals to the reader okay here’s the issue that we’re going to be talking about curfew laws my next sentence explains the fact that there are two different sides even though most teens are against these laws their parents usually support them some people think this other people think something different finally I end with my thesis statement curfew laws are necessary and should be enforced in all cities the important thing to see here is that I didn’t give any reasons at all not only in my introduction but not in my thesis either.

Sometimes students make the mistake of saying curfew laws are necessary and should be enforced in all cities because this is what’s best for teens but we don’t want to do that you should not be using the word because in your introduction now finally let’s take a look at what my fleam app is going to look like now on the left hand I’m going to have supporting details in the middle I’m going to have some details for my opposing argument we’ll get to this in a second and finally on the right addressing the opposing argument this is really important but let’s hold off on that for just a quick second back to our supporting details we’re going to get this information from our tree map what we’re going to look for are the three best details to support my opinion here’s why minors need to be safe no reason to be out late parents would worry notice that I’ve just got quick little phrases like bullet points these are the three most important reasons why I think minors should have a curfew okay now the opposing argument this is important here because what I need to make sure that I’m doing is I’m looking back on my cream app I’m looking on the other side for the other side of the issue think about it like this someone who disagrees with me.

Someone who thinks that curfew laws are not necessary what would this person say what would what would they be the three main points this person would use to convince me that we do not need curfew laws here’s what I’ve got first there are unforeseen circumstances meaning okay I know that there’s a ten o’clock curfew I was doing my best to get home in time but something came up and so because things can sometimes come up maybe we shouldn’t have a hard-and-fast curfew law that’s one argument next it takes away individual freedom well sure so that’s what I’m saying if if if this is the United States of America I should be able to come home what I want next parents should decide it should be up to the parents to make these curfew decisions not the government so those are the three points that an opponent would bring up in arguing against the need for curfews.

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