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When i`m considering term papers, what I’m looking for are the things that I’m going to be looking for or return papers how is the content he’s a thorough does it make sense how’s your writing style is it flowing well is it filled with spelling errors for medical errors how could it be improved and what is being said here are you giving as much information to your audience your target audience as you can can things be moved around be more effective well that kind of thing is what I do with John you know I think it’s so subjective because urban economics and urban studies honest with having somebody that has a tangential knowledge of a lot of the stuff outside reader just kind of picked up ladies yeah and if I don’t know something oh.

I asked John to explain it and then sometimes we’ll put the next one nation in the article because the legal community probably wouldn’t know the economic Trump or whatever other terms in John has chosen to be the son of attorneys have studied business or economics and undergraduate their minority yeah but see the net worth of a good point for you as term paper letters if you’re using a term define it doesn’t have to be a long definition but just a little short explanation of it phrase the phrase the same is true if you’re using an individual a source you know if it’s John Maynard Keynes for example you know say you chime entertains yes because not all of your readership well I know who used to now but but not everybody who reads your paper such as a prospective employer Michael who Keynes is so therefore just put in a little short phrase no Scottish economist John Maynard Keynes century Scottish right yeah then even better as much as you can put in to identify around without really else so that’s your development your term paper is not a PowerPoint presentation the two are very different animals the term paper is an in-depth analysis under subject where you your outlining your points or developing them and then you’re giving a conclusion which give some opinions about your subject.

The PowerPoint presentation takes the highlights from your term paper and presents them in a visually arresting manner so they’re very different me they’re connected yes development but you read a whole ten page paper it’s low on our property yet and they have six minutes and forty seconds for slightly yeah yeah but see a lot of writers will make the mistake of just regurgitating what they did in their PowerPoint presentation in the term paper and it’s very short it’s very it’s too concise you know it doesn’t give a lot of information it’s just very basic and it’s not what we’re looking for the term paper is the takeaway document and you’re excellent you know PowerPoint show but calm face for time because they have a girl with document so now you go to your summary conclusion.

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