How To Write a Business Proposal That Wins

#2 How to write a business proposal for a Government grant

If you are seeking a grant to develop your business – then it’s a government grants officer who will be reading your business proposal. They will want to know whether your business fits the criteria of the grant on offer. Each grant is different, so you need to research the grant you are applying for and address the criteria in your business plan.

An example might be that your business must create employment in your local area in order to receive a grant. You would then place emphasis on this point in your business plan and outline how this will occur.

So, to achieve a winning business plan when applying for a government grant, highlight that your business meets the grant criteria in your business plan.

#3 How to write a business proposal for Equity investment

If you are after an equity injection – then the equity investor will be reading it, and you want their investable funds. Equity investors are typically interested in high growth or “first mover” advantage industries such as technology, media or entertainment. If this is your business, then focus on the high profit and return potential for the investment. A return on their investment of at least 30% is attractive.

They will also want a clear exit strategy, so you need to make it clear in your business plan when and how they will be repaid. Perhaps you intend to merge with another company, or conduct a management buyout, or conduct an IPO. Equity investors will typically want to see an exit strategy within 3 to 7 years of their initial investment.

So, highlight these factors for a winning equity business plan.

How to write a business proposal to achieve your goals

Each of these examples requires a different angle for your business proposal. For you to have a winning business plan, you need to tell your audience what they want to hear. Because at the end of the day, what makes your business plan a winner is whether it achieves the goals you want out of it.

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