Business Plan Presentation – Tips For Small Businesses 2

Know Your Target Market And Market Share Without Referencing Notes

Knowing and demonstrating an understanding of the businesses’ market and market share instantly buys credibility with investors. Knowing the information by heart provides strong evidence that the business owner knows the market intimately and can make logical and reasonable assessments about potential business opportunities.

Be Able To Discuss Financial Data In Detail From Memory

It is not enough just to know the qualitative aspects of the business. This is the mistake business owners often make when doing a business plan presentation. Knowing the financial detail intimately provides great comfort to potential investors that the business owner is business minded and not just passionate about a product. Being able to share this information in an unscripted way during the business plan presentation provides significant credibility to the funding application.

One Business Plan Presentation Can Significantly Impact Your Success At Obtaining Funding

Even good businesses miss out on investment opportunities by lacking preparation, forgetting important information, and losing credibility during the business plan presentation for these reasons. First impressions count, and making a business plan presentation using power-point, and memorizing key important facts about the business will enhance the credibility of a funding application greatly.

Have Fun!

A business plan presentation may not seem like the appropriate forum for having fun but if you can get excited about what you are presenting it can be. Following the simple advice above will make you feel more prepared and comfortable which will naturally lead to you feeling excited about the event rather than scared.

The best business plan presentations are delivered with confidence and with ease. This shines through very clearly to the audience and in many ways is the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal. Remember that you are presenting to the audience and in most cases audiences naturally want the presenter to succeed. It is part of the human condition. If you give the audience no reason to doubt you then you are more than halfway to reaching your goal.


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